We strive to deliver tailored and flexible services for the benefit of your customers

Mobile Network Services

CETIN brings expertise, strong technical resources and wholesale mobile network customized services and solutions, helping mobile operators to provide the world class quality services to its end customers.

Today’s mobile network services go well past traditional voice and SMS traffic, requiring guaranteed secure, seamless and reliable connection for various digital services usage on a national and international level. Utilizing infrastructure part of 2G/3G/4G/4G Advanced technologies and pioneering experience in 5G, CETIN is perfectly positioned to help Serbian and CEE operators in designing, implementing and operating mobile service support.

Portfolio of wholesale infrastructure services developed based on capabilities one of the largest advanced mobile network in Serbia, built by Telenor in the past 14 years, includes:

  • Network Infrastructure as a Service, incl. Backhaul transmission and interconnection
  • Network infrastructure planning
  • Network engineering and maintenance
  • Full network monitoring and field engineering tasks including spare parts management.

Also, we are helping our clients to easily handle their wholesale roaming costs, to achieve high quality roaming signalling service and global roaming exchange.


Fixed Network Services

Fixed network services today more than ever have proved to be vital for connecting the society and speeding up the digitalization. Administrative, legislative and judicial duties require more reliable and faster connections which fixed optic network provides, just as most of public services such as police, emergency, hospital, fire and defence capabilities.

CETIN offers a broad spectre of secure and reliable fixed network solutions to fulfil the needs of national telco companies and service providers as well international partners. We provide services using a wide range of network technologies in combination with implemented ring topology, allowing resilient traffic routing and various speeds from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps. We support an easy and cost-effective connectivity solutions across Serbia and European cities such as Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Sofia, Belgrade and Podgorica to enable the choice of the shortest possible route between Western, Eastern and Southern Europe. Portfolio of CETIN’s fixed wholesale services includes solutions from leasing of dark fibre and wavelengths to advanced managed services implemented through IP/MPLS or TDM network.


IT Services

IT Services, the technology functions offered through support and management, are the foundation to any organization. Without strong IT management, businesses cannot effectively manage security risks, strong connectivity and consistent performance from their chosen IT solutions. CETIN provides IT services to our partners who need data centres, servers, support for Linux or Windows operating systems, virtualization and databases in form of the hosting, infrastructure as service or IT infrastructure outsourcing. We design the most ideal IT solutions and assist to our partners in implementing the best solution to fit their business needs and resolve their challenges.

CETIN in Serbia offers the most advanced Data Centre in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, built in 2010 in Belgrade in accordance with the highest industry standards and designed to meet the most demanding needs of the clients. As the only carrier neutral data centre, CETIN Data Centre represents the largest interconnection hub in Serbia for the entire CEE region that successfully responds to the needs of international and national operators, financial institutions, content providers and digital service providers with 99,9999% service availability.



The online domain has changed our world bringing limitless choice and information, but it can come at a price. Cybersecurity threats are very real and can make any organization or individual vulnerable. Our role at CETIN is to protect your data, systems and networks from invisible attackers by delivering end to end security services from architecture design and solution integration, through operation and maintenance, monitoring and other SOC capabilities. We invest considerably into detection and threat analysis and security, technology and platform management for end user protection. Our customers can provide their clients peace of mind that this is a top priority at CETIN.

We provide various security services in following domains:

  • Solution design and integration (without operational services)
  • Consultancy and Security Audit
  • Computer security incident management
  • Vulnerability Assessment / Management
  • Threat Management
  • Network and perimeter security
  • Endpoint Security management