Powered by customers, people, partnerships and technology


Being a customer-driven organization means we always have to be one step ahead.

We go to great lengths to monitor global technological trends and understand consumer insights so that we can best anticipate the needs of our customers and their end-users. We recognize that societies, organizations, communities, and individuals are under greater pressure to simply be better and faster. As a provider of communications solutions, when we perform well, our customers can simply pass on our seamless and exceptional user experience to their clients.

We work with highly-skilled, highly-motivated, world class experts

If there is a singular truth in our world, it’s that we are nothing without the exceptionally skilled, motivated, and talented group of individuals whom we are proud to call our colleagues.

Without their dedication, our organization would not thrive, nor we would not be able to deliver seamless services to our customers. We welcome seasoned professionals, but also work with young, talented individuals with little experience that are hungry and eager to learn. To be the best, we realize we need to surround ourselves with the best.

We develop, build, operate and innovate cutting-edge communication infrastructure

Technology is the backbone of our existence and our commitment goes beyond infrastructure deployment, operations and maintenance.

To offer best in class performance, we must continue to drive sustainable technology but also innovative solutions for today and tomorrow’s needs. Our operational and management model allows the organization to concentrate on developing the next generation of professional services and advance industrial digital transformation across our CEE markets.

We aim to create innovative partnership models in order to achieve best service quality and efficiency

We look for partnerships that offer improvement, inspiration, and innovation to our customers, staff, and technology offering.

We forge partnership models that help us drive and grow our business and customer experience by facilitating knowledge transfer and initiatives rooted in excellence. We choose to partner with innovators who push our boundaries and help us achieve new levels of success.