We offer world class telecommunications infrastructure services in Serbia

About CETIN Serbia

Following global industry trends, CETIN has been established in Serbia as a provider of fixed and mobile infrastructure services to telco operators, ISPs and other companies in the Serbian and regional market.

Thanks to our innovative partnerships, highly skilled and motivated employees and customer driven approach, CETIN’s objective is to provide cutting edge communication infrastructure solutions, an unparalleled efficiency and outstanding network performance for our clients, by driving sustainable technology development and anticipating future needs.

CETIN Serbia is preparing in earnest for the introduction of 5G network to Serbia.

CETIN Serbia provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) by owning and operating the infrastructure part of one of the largest GSM/UMTS/LTE and LTE Advanced mobile telecommunication infrastructure in Serbia on more than 2300 locations across the country and fixed network of more than 6000 km of fibre optics in the country and region, aiming to further improve service quality in terms of availability, reliability, safety, capacity and consistency.

Yettel Serbia runs all its radio access technologies on CETIN infrastructure.

As a technology company, CETIN Serbia is dedicated to offer high-performance wholesale services based on continuous improving telco infrastructure deployment, operations and maintenance and efficient utilization of assets, while the commercial companies, to whom CETIN provides infrastructure as a service, focus on their customers and their communication needs.

With around 300 employees, 24/7 support and extensive infrastructure deployment, CETIN is the most sought-after provider of wholesale services. Lead by independent management of internationally recognized experts with autonomy in designing client-centric solutions, we are providing superior services and highly competent and professional approach to all clients.

CETIN Serbia aims to position itself as a reliable communication partner for all community by covering wide range of connectivity demands in various ecosystems.

Our management

The company is its talented and enthusiastic professionals

  • Vladimir Skulić


    Vladimir joined CETIN in Serbia as its CEO. Before joining the organization, Vladimir held the position of Finance and Sourcing Director at Telenor Common Operation since 2013. Vladimir has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications sector.

  • Pjer Vučković

    Network Strategy, Planning and Development Director

    Pjer joined CETIN Serbia from Telenor Serbia, where he held the position of Technology Strategy and Planning Director since 2014. Pjer has more than 20 years of experience in technology, strategy and leadership from the telecommunications sector.

  • Ivan Lorencini

    Operations Director

    Ivan joined CETIN in Serbia from Telenor Common Operation where he held the position of Network Operations Director since 2013. Ivan has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications sector.

  • Aleksandar Sulejmanović

    Commercial Director

    Aleksandar joined CETIN from Telenor Common Operation where he was member of the Directors team responsible for Transformation and Project Portfolio Management. Aleksandar has more than 20 years of experience in Technology planning, project management and leadership in the telecommunications sector.

  • Slaviša Karanfilović

    Security Director

    Slaviša joined CETIN from Telenor Serbia and Telenor Montenegro where he held the position of Information Security Manager since 2013. Slaviša has more than 19 years of managerial experience in IT and Information Security within the telecommunications sector.

  • Nada Rajčić

    Human Resources Director

    Nada joined CETIN in Serbia from Telenor Common Operation where she held the position of IT Delivery Director since 2018. Nada has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector.

  • Dragana Ilić

    Corporate Affairs Director

    Dragana has 15 years’ experience in public, private and civil sector. She joined CETIN from NALED, a think-tank and public-private association. Within her role as coordinator and a member of numerous Government bodies, she worked on enabling regulatory reforms in the field of fair competition, fiscal policy and digital transformation. Until 2015 she was working in Government’s agency in charge of FDI policy, in the telecommunications industry, in the tax administration and in the public prosecution office.

  • Ivan Marković

    Finance Director

    Ivan joined CETIN Serbia from Telenor Serbia, where he held the position of Tax&Treasury Manager since 2012. Ivan has more than 17 years of managerial experience in Finance sector.


Customers - We Anticipate and Deliver

We strive to understand, anticipate, and serve the needs of our customers and their end-users. We are here to help them perform better and faster. Through keeping our promises, we provide excellent user experience.

People - Respect and Teamwork

We are proud of our talented, skilled and motivated colleagues. Ensuring their professional growth and well-being is our top priority. We believe that respect, open communication, and teamwork create the best foundation for success and friendly workplace.

Technology - The Backbone of our Existence

We are passionate about the technology that is the backbone of our existence. We design, build, and operate high quality networks and provide innovative solutions without any compromise on security.

Partnership - Communities and Innovators

We are proud members of the diverse communities, that we live in, and help them thrive. We also choose to partner with innovators who, like ourselves, believe that communications technology and services are here to improve the quality of life.


CETIN in Serbia was established in 2020 after a separation from Yettel in Serbia (formerly Telenor), which enable us to respond to increasing data demands and push for improved quality of services.

The spin-off from Yettel gives CETIN the opportunity to focus on the infrastructure, drive and improve better long-term sustainable investments, and create innovative partnership models to achieve best service quality and efficiency.

The formation of CETIN in Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria is based on leveraging knowledge and learnings from the infrastructural separation between O2 and CETIN in Czech Republic in 2015.

About PPF group

PPF Group is an international investment group founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic. The organization invests in multiple market segments such as financial services, biotechnology, mechanical engineering and telecommunications.

PPF Group is present in 24 different countries spanning Europe, USA and Asia. As of 30 June 2019, PPF Group owned assets worth over EUR 47 billion and globally employed almost 150 000 people (as of 31 December 2019).

PPF Group offices in Prague, Czech Republic
PPF Group offices in Prague, Czech Republic

The PPF Telecom Group is a leading telecom player in Central and Eastern Europe. The Group portfolio comprises of infrastructure operators and mobile operators: CETIN in Czechia, CETIN Bulgaria, CETIN Hungary and CETIN in Serbia as members of CETIN Group, O2 Slovakia, O2 Networks in Slovakia, O2 Czech Republic, Yettel in Hungary, Yettel Bulgaria and Yettel in Serbia.

CETIN Group is a leading wholesale operator of high quality active and passive telecommunications infrastructure portfolio across CEE in terms of scale, markets of presence, and market position.

GIC – Singapore sovereign wealth fund became a minority shareholder of CETIN Group as of March 2022.

PPF group in numbers

  • founded in


    in the Czech Republic

  • present in



  • employees


    thousand people

  • Assets worth of


    billion EUR


The split from Yettel Serbia gives CETIN in Serbia strong foundation of superior network experience and proven record of technology partnerships and innovation. With highly skilled and motivated employees coming from Yettel Serbia and Yettel Common Operation, CETIN´s objective is to develop cutting edge communication infrastructure solutions, to provide outstanding performance by driving sustainable technology development and anticipating future needs.

Alongside with fixed MPLS, SDH, WDM, Ethernet and IP technologies provided over optical and microwave networks, CETIN Serbia owns infrastructure part of GSM, UMTS, LTE and LTE Advanced mobile technologies with almost 10,000 base stations on more than 2100 locations all around Serbia, connecting via more than 6000 km of fibre optics in the country.

We continue to invest in network improvements by upgrading and building new sites and expansion of fibre optic network and network capacities with the goal to provide the basis for excellent service offering to our wholesale clients.


CETIN infrastructure is stable, widely available and reliable. Data privacy and security are ensured. By using the latest technology and carefully designed work processes, our network provides clients with safety, in line with highest industry standards.


CETIN in Serbia builds on proud history of Yettel Serbia’s pioneering cutting-edge technologies and leadership in wholesale network services in the country, with prestigious recognitions received for the network quality and customer experience.

CETIN in Serbia provides wholesale infrastructure services by which Yettel Serbia network scored three BEST IN TEST awards in the independent Mobile Benchmarking conducted by international company Umlaut in 2018, 2019 and 2020. In addition, an independent quality benchmarking of Serbia’s mobile networks conducted by Ratel in 2018 confirmed that Yettel Serbia had the best overall results for 2018.


As a part of Yettel Serbia and Yettel Common Operation, our engineers have already participated, during 2019 and 2020, in extensive 5G tests at the Science Technology Park in Belgrade, by creating a 5G test environment which start-ups and students of technical faculties could use for their Research & Development. We are confident that CETIN is a number one choice for accelerating the future 5G deployment, from the infrastructure.

Our Management Systems

By using the latest technology and carefully designed work processes, our network provides the necessary protection of information confidentiality, integrity, availability, data privacy and other assets by managing safety, security and business risks proportionally and effectively. Following the best practices and implementing the highest industry standards we develop and maintain a good business environment.

The Certificate for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001)

The Certificate for Business Continuity Management System (ISO 22301)

The Certificate for Information Security Management (ISO 27001)

The Certificate for Privacy Informations Management (ISO 27701)

The Certificate for Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015)